Google Reader Tweak – Open Links in Background

Google Reader is a web application that I use everyday to read my RSS feeds. I like to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the feeds instead of using a mouse – when you have a long river flow of RSS feed items, pressing a key is easier than scrolling on the mouse continuously.

On Google Reader, you can press character “v” to open the feed item link. By default, if it’s opened in a new tab, it will change the focus to the newly opened tab. I found that annoying because usually, I prefer to open all new links while going through the feed and then go through the opened links as a bunch.

I looked around on the net and found a partial solution on Lifehacker that suggested to change the tab opening setting to force it opening in background through “about:config”. But this changes the behaviour of tab opening globally inside Firefox, e.g. if an external program like Thunderbird open a new tab for a new link in Firefox, it will be loaded in background.

So I created a Greasemonkey script so that when you press ‘v’ in Google Reader, the link will be opened in background. To install it:

  1. Install Greasemonkey addon
  2. Restart Firefox
  3. Click here to install the script.

If you have any feedback, just leave a comment here.


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16 responses to “Google Reader Tweak – Open Links in Background

  1. You should change the Include filter to “http*://*”. This supports https (I use https for all google apps) and allows for the crud that google sometimes appends to the end of the reader URL. It worked great once I made that change. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestion! I have made the change to my file as a result.

  3. New gReader User

    Hi Sunny,

    How about changing line 15 to

    if( event.which==118 && !event.ctrlKey ) {

    This way it would be possible to use ctrl-v to paste a URL to the Add subscription box instead of just getting a tab opened in the background.

  4. yasker

    That’s saved the life! Thanks very much! 🙂

  5. YYota

    Superb! Thanks a lot for the great javascript! Can’t believe so few people commented, it’s a must-have 🙂

  6. Thank’s for the script, appreciated!
    You should also include in the filters other google domains:
    or may be “http*://*/reader/view/*”

  7. admin

    Thanks guys for the comment, cheers!

    Alex6b: its a great suggestion, I’ll update the script with it later 🙂

  8. JCvr

    Kudos for the script. 🙂

    Anyone knows how to modify the script so that when we use the “Email” feature to send the feed item to friends, when we type words with ‘v’ in it, it’ll not open the new background tab?

  9. Thanks for the script.
    This was exactly what i was looking for. I spent too many hours upset about the articles opening in the foreground.

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  11. amau96

    I am trying to improve a little your code :

    if( event.which==118 && !event.ctrlKey && !event.metaKey) {

    This will allow to use past (ctrl + v) windows or (cmd+v) mac in comment

  12. christian

    this is pure money– thanks man

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  15. IceBrain

    Oh, thanks, I had started to write my own when I found this page!

    This is incredibly useful, and I only found it in a comment you posted. Is this on

    Kudos for your script.

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